We advise you on all questions that may arise in connection to real estate, launches and yachts, taxes, etc.

Rental and sale of real estate:
  • Sale of real estate to companies
  • Sale of real estate to private persons
  • Sale and rental of harbour berths (Denia Harbour, approx. 1700 berths for recreational craft)
  • Industrial real estate (warehouses, commercial spaces, hotels, restaurants, etc.)

In cooperation with local partners, we offer:
  • Yard maintenance, cutting of palm trees
  • Pool maintenance
  • Renovation, reconstruction, minor repairs
  • Security company service, installation of security systems
  • Object rental, if so desired

Together with the client, we organise and perform all of the necessary transactions for acquiring real estate:
  • Registration of private persons with the local Tax Board Office and police (application for NIE Number)
  • Foreign company registration in the local registry and with the Tax Board Office.
  • Opening a bank account for a company or a private person

All services in connection with berthing a launch or yacht in the harbour:
  • Cleaning of launches and yachts
  • Supervision
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Charter trips along the coast or to the Balearic Islands
  • Rental of motor boats, yachts and launches