We offer you properties on the Mediterranean coast, in the Costa Blanca region in Spain.

Our offices are located in Denia, a lovely city by the Mediterranean Sea, which is why we primarily offer you real estate in the vicinity of Denia.

The following are the main reasons why we have chosen to do business in this particular region:

  • The climate in and around Denia is warm and pleasant all year round. It rains less than on the southern coast of Spain, but there is enough rain to maintain a beautiful and green environment.
  • Denia is very well located logistically – the international airports of Alicante and Valencia are about 100 kilometres away and the port provides the city with transportation straight to Ibiza and Mallorca. Denia is the area in continental Spain that is closest to Ibiza (ca 70 km).
  • The A7/AP7 freeway on the southern coast goes right past Denia. A drive to Barcelona takes about 4.5 hours; a car-ride to Benidorm, a famous resort near-by, takes about 30 minutes.
  • Denia features the region’s best golf courses; several famous water parks, zoos and other facilities are within a 40-kilometre radius.
  • Denia boasts the best beaches for diving in the Costa Blanca region.
  • Sandy beaches start already at the centre of Denia and are more than 15 kilometres long. In the summer, life on the beaches of Denia and on other surrounding beaches is very active, but there are plenty of more peaceful locations available as well. The beaches are clean and well-equipped with everything required at a beach; some beaches also feature lifeguard services.
  • Within the whole region, Denia has the biggest amount of celebrations (fiestas). In the summer there is an entire week dedicated to the so-called bull run, taking place right in the high street of the city. The bullring is installed near the port right in the centre of the city for the duration of the fiesta. In this bullring, bulls are not killed, but matadors try to get them to jump off the quay into the water. Thus the spectacle is suitable for the entire family. The fiestas and other festivities are free of charge for visitors and spectators!

If you are interested in any of the offers you find on our webpage, please contact us. We will provide you with more information about the property, determine your needs and desires and try to find you the property you need. People who are thinking of buying real estate in the south always have different and individual needs and wishes – some need a place to stay after they retire, some want to occasionally take holidays with friends or family, some want to move to Spain and so on. Thus, it is always crucial to know all the details which are not included in the standard offers on the Internet. We can advise you on all of this, because we ourselves live in Denia and we know the region well.

When purchasing real estate in Spain it is very important that the legal aspects be extremely thoroughly checked and all documents be properly drawn up. Otherwise, you may later be unpleasantly surprised by obligations to pay the debts or other outstanding payments incurred by the previous owner of the house or apartment – under Spanish legislation the debts etc. are transferred to the new owner when real estate is purchased. Purchasing real estate in a foreign country is a complicated and risky process for many potential buyers, especially if they do not speak the language spoken in the country – thus the help of professionals is required in the matter. We only co-operate with reliable solicitors and real estate agents in order to always guarantee you a safe transaction.

If you have chosen a property for yourself and wish to come and check it out personally before purchasing the property, we will organize whatever you might need to visit the area, including everything from recommendations on plane tickets to booking the hotel and help with other necessary arrangements. If necessary, we can meet you at the airport of Valencia or Alicante and drive you to your hotel.

If we close the deal and you purchase real estate with our help, you can in the future count on our help in solving various issues that may arise. We know the region well and would be happy to help you settle in. As per your requests, we can help you open bank accounts, find a family practitioner, obtain the NIE number – the identification code for foreigners which is required in almost all transactions in Spain – and so on.

We welcome you to sunny Spain!